The Best Charcoal Grills

At The Best Charcoal Grills we bring you news and reviews of all the latest and greatest charcoal grills, combo griller smokers, gas grills and BBQs on the planet. We do the research so you don’t have to. From webers to gas grills, big green eggs and Kamado – if you can bbq or grill or smoke with it, we have it covered.

Compare Traeger grills

Are Traeger Wood Pellet Grills the Best Pellet Grills?

Traeger Wood Pellet Grills makes the joy of grilling truly memorable. With the sun beaming down on your face and your porch enlivened with the laughter of family or friends – life can’t be better. When it comes to encompassing all the joyful memories associated with grills, no one does it better than Traeger. In...
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Best electric grills – Our Top 3

In this detailed review, we have delved deep into top 3 best electric grills selected by our team to make sure your grilling experience is nothing short of divine. If your idea of ending a hectic week is kicking back with your beverage of choice, be it a couple of beers or a glass of...
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The Best Charcoal Grills – Our Top 5 for 2021

Nothing beats a backyard charcoal grill day (or night), cooking great food and enjoying some time with family or friends. But to do so, you need a good charcoal grill. In this one-of-a-kind review, we have winnowed through the dozens of grills available on the market and have narrowed down the Best Charcoal grills for...
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Char griller offset smoker grill

Char Griller Offset Smoker – Which is the best one?

Char griller offset smoker– A quintessential piece of BBQ machinery to own if you crave for some juicy, tantalising and slow and low meats cooked to perfection. But any ‘average joe’ product on the market just won’t cut it. Buy something too cheap and you will get shoddy performance at the best. Select purely based...
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Highest rated charcoal grills for 2021-Top 3 Picks!

There’s nothing better than firing up that charcoal grill on the weekend. Cooking a generous spread of meat and vegetables puts a smile on everyone’s face- this is the dream of every BBQ enthusiast and pretty much an ideal Sunday (or any day!). To make this dream a reality, we have diligently put together a...
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Best Weber charcoal Grills – Our Top 3

Best Weber Charcoal Grills – Our Top 3 Picks

Weber- A true blue American brand that taught millions of folks about the pleasures of grilling is synonymous with robust gas/charcoal grills which offer top-notch performance as well as a match-less cooking experience. But you probably know all that already! In this review, we will “beat the bush” so that you don’t end up beating...
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Char Griller Duo S 5050 Gas Charcoal Grill Review

Do you love to fire up your grill? There’s nothing like firing up some brisket on a Saturday and then going back for another round on Sunday. But alas, with tons of different options on the market, finding the perfect grill which makes sense money wise as well as offers top-notch functionality is no cake-walk....
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Best Gas Charcoal Grill Combo

There’ nothing better than firing up the grill and knocking the top of a few frosty ones after a long week at work. Sounds just about perfect. But with each person having a different idea of cooking the perfect meal, picking the best grill for your cooking space can be a little daunting. Options are...
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Best Home Charcoal Grill

Grinding the entire week at work and then firing-up grill to put together a fantastic spread; nothing can ace this experience. But hold on! We humans are fickle-minded especially when it comes to experiencing food, plus we get swayed by the way the food had been ‘fired up’. Tough creatures to please, we tell you!...
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